1. travelandseetheworld:

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Travel and see the world

    Prague looks amazing on every single way possible *-*

  2. "I can't recall my own name or even why I care, 
    all I know is my eyes are the bee,
    and your body is the bear."
    SEASON 4

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  4. lauramaher25:

    Alexander Skarsgard & Joel Kinnaman Hitchhiking to Sweden

    This is perfect xD

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  5. bloodorchestra:

    Female Ass-Kickers Challenge

    Theme Sixteen: Hero

    Fandom: Game of Thrones

    Character: Arya Stark


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  6. Klaus

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  7. Ooooh, so puuuurdy :3

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  10. There’s a strange obsession
    That’s drawing us nearer
    We don’t understand it
    It never gets clearer

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  11. teacuphumanss:

    One Eric scene per episode: Season 3 - Bad Blood

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  12.  I must not weep. I must not. If I weep I will forgive him.

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  15. stormtrooperfashion:

    Barbara Palvin by Jason Hetherington for Marie Claire FranceJune 2014

    See more from this set here.

    So pretty